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commonly misspelled form of Dalmatian, a cute black/liver/lemon spotted dog
by Samily Redneck December 23, 2008
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Noun. A white dog with black spots

Slang. A dime of weed
From Sublime's 'What I Got'

"I got a dalmation, I can still get high."
by xX eason Xx February 23, 2005
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A dog with a white and black spotted coat, there is also the liver spotted dalmation aswell. They are generally a good natured and affectionate dog, they take alot of energy to care for epecially in their younger years as they can be very hyperactive and energetic.

11-15 years would be about the average life expectancy of a dalmation, they are great loving pets to have, but the owner should have enough spare time to care for it as they are very energetic dogs that should be exercised everyday and not just let into the back garden like so many lazy people with dogs seem to do.
I had a dalmation that lived to 13 years, and I miss him to bits.
by animal lover January 05, 2006
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1. The black and white spotted dog that you often see riding firetrucks in kid's pictures.

2. The dogs in the movie 101 Dalmations (and spinoffs of) that the evil Cruella deVil wants to make a fur coat out of.
1. I saw a dalmation riding on the back of the firetruck with firemen as it raced to Glenwood Drive to put out a house fire.

2. It's a shame Cruella deVil never got /one/ of those dalmations in the movie. There were 101 to pick and choose from, a 101 to get. But noooo, her and her goonies can't manage to even get one!
by Carrera's Wedge March 22, 2007
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(adj.) a lot, many
Originating from the movie 101 Dalmations, in which the dalmations were plentiful. Shortened to "dalmations".
"How many times have you broken up with her??"

"Dalmations, man."
by Softnbouncyhair May 26, 2009
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