-Duh' ki' neh-
A brand of back pack that suits the natural shape of the back. allowing it to actually look like more of a parachute than the giant buldge that your see "Freshman" lugging around (usually by jansport) or the Jetpack look by made by northface.
They usually come with many (many) colorful pockets, and has the usually assassin black colors, or the rasta color ones that usually have a few "extra" pockets to hide you know what.
Steve- do you have everything for tonight?
Jimmy- oh why yes I do.
Steve- wait what are you bringing again?
Jimmy- well I got Jack, a Pack, and some greens, and some Jolly ranchers, bbq chips, hot fries, 6 pack of mountain dew, digiorno, some extra flashlights, batteries, grappling rope, silenced pistol, some candles and a strobe light with multicolor feature.
Steve- how did you fit all that? and how the hell are we gonna cook digiorno.
Isabella- hey nice back pack Jimi !!
Jimi- it's a Dakine
by tapf3ar November 14, 2011
Top Definition
The Hawaiian "Pigeon English" word used as in reference to something or someone. A miss pronounced word for That Kind, The kind of...

Pigeon English was not created by Hawaiians but originated in Hawaii during the Sugar cane importation of field workers of Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and local Hawaiian Nationalities. The words where created due to a miss pronunciation of common words of the English language.
Hey did you see "dakine" today, he was wearing a cast on his leg? Dakine of ice cream I want is Coconut flavored!
by Dj massfx June 26, 2014

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