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sexxy, big tits!! likes to have fun!
beautiful, smart, and strong. that is a triple threat! best friends are usually named valerie. guys-LOVE her, girl-HATE her, bitches it's called jealousy!! hoes, fuck and bitch, are her favorite cuss words!! she is one of the best that you could be friends with! she will always have your back!
valerie: hey this girl just said that i was a hoe!

dakata: hell naww homes, imma beat that ass!

(she walks down the hall) guys: woooo damn you is sexyy ohoh!
girls:(whispering) ugghh she stole my man last week, ughh i hate her!

she hears them!

dakata: no bitch i didn't steal your man he wanted me remember who called who hoe!

valerie&everyone else: ohhhhhohhohoohh you got told! haha
by the head of shit. January 29, 2009
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