stupid ass word that all juniors say and it has no real def. so stop sayin it
"yo lemme daink with that girl ova there"

"lets go daink 2nite"

(dave pullito thinkin hes cool goin up to girls he hardly talks to) "DAINK" ( and walks away_

(answering c-unit) "daink...yea this is ___"
by a girl March 21, 2003
Top Definition
Verb- A medieval term, when a jerk circle occurs with a minimum of 4 males. They then ejaculate in a dead females mouth. And then one of the men, designated the role of the jumper (see jumper)will then jump on the dead women's stomach forcing the air out of her body. The catcher (see catcher) will then catch the elevated semen in his mouth.
Jim, Jack, Jerry, Joe and Jeffery are going to daink Suzie when she dies.

Nicholas, would you like to be the catcher or the jumper when we daink your mother?
by jbrown November 28, 2006
Marajuana grown hydroponicly. hydro, dro, super dainks. it's all the same.
"man you got that dro?" "hell ye niggeh. i got them dainks all day!30$ dimes bits!"
by T-bainez June 09, 2008
A word used to describe stinky damp(moist) buds.
Damn that weed is daink. Ill take 2 killos
by Mark August 11, 2003
used by morons to show how moronic they can be
whats scialdones GPA?

by Anonymous March 17, 2003
girls view can suck can my left nut
by shalicali2000 March 17, 2003
Now as some of you may have been wondering, there is no formal definition of the word daink, with that "I" thrown in between an "A" and an "N", it may look like giberish and might sound like it also, but i asure you all, it is not. It is a word thatt has many meanings, many wonderfull meanings. From weed, to hutchings stupidity, and back to weed again, Daink is an exceptional word, a word in which you need to not only see but experience to understand. So givin this... daink on my friends.... daink on.
Anyone- "Yo let me get a DAINNNNNNNNNNNK!"
Everyone (in unison like friday nights at jewish temples)- DAINKKKKKK!!!!
by killah con March 18, 2003
Something Jason Richman or Warren Spitz would not know the definition of.
"yo thats some daink shit" or..."yo, Conway is it true you're grounded for a month? Daink! Who's your date for prom? Daink!
by ALEX KAPLAN March 17, 2003
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