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A really retarded person who in unable to refrain from using the phrase "what." Shows symptoms of ADHD and has a tendency to irritate all people within his proximity. Also known as "Captain What."
They're all around you.
by The Dork March 05, 2004
Someone who excessively uses the words what and gah.

Has some sort of attraction to hamburgers, electrons, fossil resin, and the color brown. As of yet, this is unexplainable. However, many of the top scientists in the world are working to explain this phenomenon.
Daimeng: You're eating a hamburger and you're wearing a brown shirt...
Person: Yeah, so?
Person: Why are you so attracted to these random objects?
Daimeng: Uh... what? GAH!
by Hamburguesas? October 04, 2004
1. One who somehow cannot grasp the concept of sarcasm.
2. An idiot.
3. One who constantly asks obvious questions.
4. Lacks any shred of common sense.
5. Tends to type in all caps.
Me: Yeah, the assignment is definitely due tomorrow.
Me: Yeah, that's why he just assigned it yesterday. It's half your entire fucking grade.
1. Derived from the latin word for "constantly is without a pen, cannot hear anything anyone says, and is (in general) living in perpetual confusion" this term is often used to describe people who never have a writing utensil.
2. See also OCD
3. Also known as the infamous D.C.
That girl Meg is really awesome. It's too bad she always has to give her pens to that kid who sits in front of her. He's such a Daimeng.
by Hmm, I wonder. May 13, 2004
Someone who takes asian (Mainland Chinese, more specifically) pride to the extreme by obsessing about communism, when, in fact, does not know what communism is. You can tell someone is a daimeng when you ask him what communism is and he replies "Uhhh..... it's when..... there's a dictator.... and.... everyone is equal."
Me: Dude, you don't even know what a communist is.
Daimeng: Yes I do.
Me: What?
Daimeng: Uhhhhhh..... it's.... what I am!
Me: So, like, a retard?
Daimeng: What? I don't get it.
the lowest state of being - when one doesn't know what the words "dyslexia" or "castrate" mean and forgets to ask the teacher for a GBML packet to give to a fellow MathTeamer who is way smarter than he'll ever be (oops! did i just use a personal pronoun??)

oh, and the tendency to hit one's head on a desk repeatedly
Starts with a "d" and ends with an "aimeng"
by H E Double Hockey Sticks March 09, 2004
A Christian fanatic who constant speaks of cruficying atheists, hindus, and non-Christians. Also a fervent supporter of the disgustingly inferior products of Microsoft. Is anti-open-source because he feels that Microsoft should dominate the world with its monopoly. Yet with this pro-corporation viewpoint, he claims he is a communist, yet does not know what a communist truly is.
That kid is such an idiot. He's kind of like Daimeng!
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