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Essentially, the Daily Mail for the over 60s.
I'm about to have a Daily Express moment: "STOP ASYLUM SEEK....". What was I saying?
by Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells April 22, 2005
A British newspaper, founded in 1900. Originally a broadsheet, it has been a tabloid for the past few decades.

The paper was bought by pornographer Richard Desmond in 2000, and since then has been dragged downmarket in an attempt to cut costs. In fact, only 7 headlines are known to exist.


Stories about DIANA DEATH are usually printed on Mondays as no news ever happens over the weekend in Expressland. The Express will print anything about Princess Diana as front page news.

In August 2007 every headline from August 3 onwards was devoted to the missing toddler Madeleine McCann, often reporting on stories that for some reason the rest of the media would either not both reporting or put in a small column on page 25. The absence of anything remotely resembling Real News has caused many people to worry about the condition of the Daily Express for many years.
Daily Express headlines:
"Diana Death: Diana Was Abducted By Aliens"
"Evil Immigrants Are After YOUR Jobs, Middle England!"
"Eating Food Causes Cancer"
"Killer Weather Causes Drop Of Rain To Fall"
#daily express #diana #diana death #princess diana #maddie #maddy #madeliene #mccann #porn #racist #house #prices #middle england #evil
by Dai Annafan August 30, 2007
Princess Diana fanzine. Essentially the Daily Mail with added Princess Diana obsessing.
Headlines of the Daily Express: "Diana crash REALLY WAS A CONSPIRACY"

"...No it wasn't"

#daily mail #princess diana #al fayed #harrods #conspiracy
by Dickface Faceofadick May 12, 2007
Daily, right-wing UK tabloid. Takes a simiiar editorial stance to the Daily Mail. Infamous for regular headlines about Princess Diana, 'political correctness gone mad' and immigrants/asylum seekers.
Daily Express headlines:
"Diana fund pays out to gypsies and asylum seekers"
"Suicide bombers in our schools"
#daily mail #right wing #tabloid #britain #newspaper
by Kay November 21, 2007
the opposite of the voice of reason
nuff said. the sun rules
by David Richardson March 29, 2005
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