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The biggest FAIL of them all. "Dail" is an attempt to type "Fail" but missing the 'f' button, which leads to one of the most embarrassing and ugly fails possible.
That video of the kid getting a wedgie after climbing the fence was an EPIC Dail !!1

Dude, you are an epic dail
by The Griz Brotherhood October 31, 2009
4 1
As close to failing as you can get without actually failing. Receiving a D. F=Fail and D=Dail.
Oh man, well i dailed that test.
by Wyatt and Millie May 21, 2008
8 2
a name in which Troy (search Troy 4 details) cannot spell
Dail says Taryn loves me
by Dail December 16, 2003
2 5