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A electronic dubstep duo who can simply make millions/followers by repeating words or phrases many times throughout a 3-4 minute song with good background music.
Daft Punk
by LGnD_ May 29, 2013
The celebratory phrase shouted when one's CD starts skipping and repeating a certain phrase over and over in a very annoying fashion.
Jim: Dude your CD is skipping..
by Johnny Lemonhead May 10, 2008
Band that plays at dan's house.

April 25th - 15 dollar entry fee - Free Beverages!
Come frech!
Give you the shaft! Yeah, you!
by T-Jayzel April 14, 2005

you're a fucking mainstream noob. Go listen to some 50 cent crap. Or maybe Woo-tang clan?
woo tang clan got nuttin to fuk wit
by -retro- May 08, 2005
annpying techno they say the same things over and over forever. Look up the lyrics for around the world. All voices are annoying congested sounding computer shit fuck mother fucker.
There music is used for background sounds in gay shows such as the fabulous celebrity life of ...., and queer eye for the straight guy. nuff sade biatch..
by name March 31, 2005