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A South Korean singer and dancer. He is best known as the main vocalist of a popular South Korean K-pop group, B.A.P. His nickname, Busan Wonbin, was given by fans to describe his good-looking appearance.

He loves to eat, shy but a talkative guy. He received the nickname "ninja" after Ta-dah! It's B.A.P. His fans are called "Daewons".
"Hey, do you know that guy who sings the high notes in B.A.P?"
"Yes, he's Jung Daehyun"
by kyutecloud December 29, 2012
actual devil

doesn't leave your thoughts
makes question your sanity

part time cat
teeth you could use as a weapon

feel his high notes in da clit
"jung daehyun ruined my life"
"one time i saw jung daehyun laugh and his eyes turned black"
by not ur mom maybe ur mom September 23, 2013
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