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A South Korean singer and dancer. He is best known as the main vocalist of a popular South Korean K-pop group, B.A.P. His nickname, Busan Wonbin, was given by fans to describe his good-looking appearance.

He loves to eat, shy but a talkative guy. He received the nickname "ninja" after Ta-dah! It's B.A.P. His fans are called "Daewons".
"Hey, do you know that guy who sings the high notes in B.A.P?"
"Yes, he's Jung Daehyun"
by kyutecloud December 29, 2012
64 0
actual devil

doesn't leave your thoughts
makes question your sanity

part time cat
teeth you could use as a weapon

feel his high notes in da clit
"jung daehyun ruined my life"
"one time i saw jung daehyun laugh and his eyes turned black"
by not ur mom maybe ur mom September 23, 2013
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