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An ass that protrudes out from the back and makes a ledge; one that bobs back and forth while a large girl walks; looks like two sacks of patatoes.
"I rested my mug on her dadonk-a-donk while I went for a ride."
by mysteryjahonous July 20, 2005
11 4
A misspelled term for badonkadonk which literally means a very big rounded ass.

See also big booty
C'mon girl, work that dadonkadonk! (which should be badonkadonk)
by Homosapient July 17, 2011
21 7
It's the junk in your trunk man. It's what you put your mug on and saddle up and ride. It's an ass. You guys are dumbasses, it isn't dadonkadonk, it is badonkadonk.
Yo man, her badonkadonk is fuckin' nice man, I just wanna ram her!
by Josh March 22, 2004
41 49
a butt that when it moves up goes dadonk and on the way down it goes adonk.
I love the dadonkadonk butt.
by Vince January 06, 2003
17 51