A dad whos a complete and arrogant ass and doesn't understand anything.
WTF man, your a fucking dadhole to me!
by SmartAlec August 03, 2010
Top Definition
The hole that your dad gave birth to you from.

Don't you have one?
Today in the shower I was cleaning my dadhole, unfortunately we all know they can never get 100% clean.

No, I haven't found my dadhole yet.
by Gartacus January 05, 2012
n: A father who is fed up with the new way to parent. Sick of car seats with expiration dates, sippy cups, months and months of diaper changing. Tired of having to do parenting duties he's not evolutionarily designed to do: see, cooking, grocery shopping, attending kid's birthday parties, child rearing etc

synomyn; everything Don Draper ("Mad Men") isn't.
They are a nice couple but he's a bit of a "dadhole." What I mean is, he doesn't like to change diapers, complains about the price of daycare and can't believe his wife can't sew.
by dadholeno1 October 23, 2011
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