A term used to replace any word in a sentence. The term can be used more than once in the sentence as long as the meaning of the sentence remains intact. To use the term in a joking manner use it in an absolutely ridiculous situation or use it far too many times in a sentence.
The term can also be used as a greeting or to say goodbye.
Originated from The University of Iowa
Replacing a word in a sentence:
Daddy me that remote. (Pass me that remote)
What are you daddies doing? (What are you guys doing?)
Toss me a daddy. (Toss me a beer.)

At the end of a conversation:
Friend 1: Okay well, I have to get to class.
Friend 2: See you later buddy.
Friend 1: Daddy.
by HerkyHawkeyes March 28, 2013
Daddies.....Big Daddy little Daddy Big Daddies...
In the underground world of drugs and sleaze Crack Rocks and Whites which is is really cocaine mixed with other other substances to form a solid.
Daddies When you normally purchase Crack they come in small clusters of broken white pieces costing anything from 10-100 pounds. a piece also depending on the quality and quantity. When having purchased your crack, one might comment and say they have a 'Big Daddy' or if they have not had a good deal they commonly might say a 'small Daddy'
The name has been derived from the 70's wrestling legend commonly known as 'Big Daddy' who was a larger than life proffesional wrestler who must have weighed about 30 stone. Daddies
by Bunjy the -legend- BS4 crew January 16, 2006
A man, or object that is at the top of his/their game. e.g. Who's the Daddy, Who's the Daddy of all Beers.

Similar to the modern definition of a PIMP, a man who has earnt the title to be at eh top or govern others.
I'm the Daddy!
Holsten Pills is the Daddy of all Beers,

by Big Will August 21, 2003
name given to a ( male ) workplace supervisor ,or boss who treats the employees like little children.This term is used by employees when they converse with each other on their smoke break about how the boss has been mistreating them like they were a red headed stepchild, usually by belittling , yelling , or talking to them in a shitty tone like they dont know anything and are irrelavent to the workplace and lack the mental capability to function in an adult setting such as the workplace.
"man, daddy just yelled at me cause i wasnt doing my job right."

" daddy told me if i come back from braek late again that he'd write me up."

" daddy dont want to show me all the operations of my job cause he dont want anyone knowing more than him due to his big ego."

"daddy demanded that i work the weekend after i told him i couldnt cause i had plans."

"daddy belittled me in front of my co-workers."
by cuzisedso April 07, 2010
wut a girl sometimes call her man and she do wutever he want her to
ta'ron:you comein to my house tonite bitch
janiqua: yes daddy
by sara12344553 May 06, 2007
A gay man older than 50 who favors much younger guys (usually under 30) for sex and companionship. A daddy can be either a top or a bottom and is so called because he is old enough to be the father of the younger guy.
"Don't even bother asking Marvin out. He's a daddy and is only into young guys."
by Kyle December 06, 2003
The scary man who takes care of me when I fall off the back of the truck. Then he sits me back on the truck and I laugh when he drives really fast and I have to "hold on tight" as Daddy says.
I don`t want Daddy to spank me.
by Nocturnal Assasin August 02, 2011
The Daddy. Terminology for hardest, most respected nut in Borstal. For complete definition see Ray Winston in the film 'Scum'.
Ray Winston, "Did bring your fackin' tool?"
Big Inmate, "What fackin' tool?"
RW, "This fackin' tool."
BI, "Uuhhnnnnn, uuhhnnn, argh."
RW, "I'm the Daddy now."
by The Strut September 29, 2004

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