deep anal devistation

when a large penis rips apart someones anus.
oi bitch! get back in the kitchen now! fucking wait till tonight you'll be fucked!

(becasue of D.A.D)
by tomatoil October 08, 2007
A dad is any man, dude, guy, friend, brother, or biological dad. We're all just a bunch of dads and potential dads.
Ethan: (drunkenly) "Dude, this party is a dad-fest, yanno? We need more moms. I saw my dad. he's the worst dad ever."

Dustin: "Man, were all just dads. He's a dad(points) and that guy's a dad. Fuckin' dads everywhere."

Ethan: "I know, eh."
by Dadman May 09, 2011
A lovely kind person who is quite like a unversial remote, he is a taxi driver, and an ATM all at once, and he can easily be won over with a cup of tea!
Father, Taxidriver, ATM, Parent, GAA Fanatic.
Daughter: Dad, will to drive me into town.

Dad: Hmm, i dunno..!!

Daughter: ill make tea...

Dad: Ok!!
by Kinky Boots August 23, 2008
drop a duece
person 1:i have to go DAD
person 2:don't forget to wipe
by XwaltonX August 22, 2008
It stands for dumb athletic director. The types of things a DAD does are highering Suck Ass coaches and not running the athetic program at his school properly.
Bill Wells, the Athletic director at Urban High School, acts like a DAD.
by Kaleb Kaler February 11, 2009
Acronym; "Dark Armed Dragon"; a prominent card in the metagame of a popular TCG. Confuses the heck out of other people when spoken.
Card game player: So I just put D.A.D. in my deck...
Other person: WTH you have your dad in your deck fail
by Voice3 January 25, 2011
A term that could be used instead of "Bro's" or a similar word.
I can't wait til the party starts. See You Dads there.
by Skankinbacon08 April 16, 2010

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