Acronym; "Dark Armed Dragon"; a prominent card in the metagame of a popular TCG. Confuses the heck out of other people when spoken.
Card game player: So I just put D.A.D. in my deck...
Other person: WTH you have your dad in your deck fail
by Voice3 January 25, 2011
A term that could be used instead of "Bro's" or a similar word.
I can't wait til the party starts. See You Dads there.
by Skankinbacon08 April 16, 2010
Dad: a word referring to any noun, verb, or adjective (excluding wine) in ANY sentence and can replace any part of an existing word.
Examples: 1. Hey man can you pass me that dad (remote)? 2. I just dadded all over the place (up to interpretation). 3. Hey have you seen my idad (iPod)? 4. Dude last night was rough, I'm so dad (hungover) right now.
by Dizzane May 07, 2009
Acronym for "Dumb As Dog Shit". Implies that someone is quite ignorant and un-intelligent
Megan Fox is DADS.....Or Jessica Simpson is DADS or.. Kyle Sandilands is DADS... Pete Doherty is DADS.. (Sorry to any fans for these celebs in advance)
by giuliocc October 06, 2009
Military slang - an abbreviated form for Baghdad.
dad's gonna kill me. or ... no towel heads around tonight, let's go down to dad in the motor.
by henry balfour July 29, 2008
An acronym for Dumb As Dog Shit.
(Medicine: A life-threatening disease ie. DADS disease)

Refers to a person of incredible stupidity. For example, a person who would stick a knife in a power point just to see if it hurt.
This young man electrocuted himself by sticking a knife into a power point. Obviously he had a terminal case of DADS disease.
by Claudia Rose July 07, 2006
An internet acronym for dont ask douche, or dont ask douchebag, or perhaps dont ask dude.
Bob: Iwant to go to the party tonight and get wasted!
Fred: Fuck you!
Bob: wtf?
Fred: dad
by Aljoho May 19, 2008

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