an acronym for dumb as bitches. Not necessarily directed at women, can be used to both sexs. Never heard the term outside of winnipeg
who invited these dabs over?
by markmauws August 11, 2006
Another word for 'pound it'. when you are giving praise to some one you might say, 'dabs'. another way of giving a high five, with knuckles
Joe: (Says good joke)
Mike: Dabs!
by TeryakiAutrey January 23, 2007
Very concentrated weed, commonly referred to as oil or wax; it contains an incredibly high percentage of THC, and is usually smoked using a vape pen or a rig device. It can also be used as a verb.
Jason and I dabbed our dicks off yesterday.
by dpolotz June 10, 2014
Verb: A bong hit of hash oil, a concentrate of marijuana.

Butane hash oil is smoked with a team or special apparatus sometimes referred to as a dabber.
The high produced is much more intense than regular pot or hash and can last up to 10 hours.
"Let's hit up Brian Shields and do dabs."
by maxballs47 September 22, 2013
DAB is an acronym for drunk ass bitch. It is usually used to refer to a woman who drinks excessive amounts of alcohol, and proceedingly acts trashy, obnoxious, bitchy, or simply idiotic.
Oh look, Tracy just did 10 shots of Jose Cuervo, and now she's dancing on the table in only her underwear and telling everyone that she has a really bad case of crabs... such a dab.
by Whyhello Sir February 07, 2011
dumb ass bitch...........a bitch so stupid she is only known by the initials DAB.
you are such a DAB, shut up ya tool.
by Willis December 21, 2004
To smoke a "dab" of cannabis concentrate. i.e.-wax or
"Hey Mary Jane, you down to dab?"
"A lil dab will do ya"
by one2blaze April 23, 2013

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