Famous crack head. Knifed a traffic warden in the head when he was given a ticket for parking on double yellows.
You crazy fucking Dann!!!
by phobia February 03, 2005
Top Definition
'daNN' means the state of feeling absolute. It is also a description and explanation one could use when he or she smiles at random times for no reason.
A: You're smiling all by yourself. What is wrong with you?

B: Oh nothing. I was just daNNing.

A: Weirdo.

B: Don't get angry at me just because you've never experienced daNN.
by his jelitawan May 30, 2009
WATCH OUT, if you see this man and you are a young girl run in the other direction
boy: yo, theres dan n. over there
young girl: what? where, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES
by Aqualta Sekai January 07, 2009
Throwing up in a pool or any body of water as a result of not waiting 20 or so minutes after eating a large meal
Awwww man Ed jumped in the pool after lunch and chucked a huge Dann everywhere, what an asshole!
by anonymous6425 January 25, 2012
to be honest its just the scene kid way of spelling Dan
Dan - 'im a scene kid and want to be "origional" and would forget my name if i changed it there for i will just add another n to me name and pretend to be cool'

Dan now becomes Dann (what a loser)
by magicaly marvolous June 15, 2008
A dirty mexican who only eats dirt, wears Khaki suit jackets and denim shorts. ALL THE TIME.
Nothing says Dann like a Khaki suit jacket and denim shorts.

by hellow kitty May 30, 2009
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