What the rap group D12 will be called when someone assassinates Eminem.
Members of D10 are:
Proof/Dirty Harry
Bizarre/Peter S. Bizarre
Kon Artist/Mr. Denaun Porter
Kuniva/Rondell Beene
Swift/Swifty McVeigh
Now: "I'm going to a D12 concert tonight, keen?"
"Yeah I love Eminem."
In 2010: "I'm going to a D10 concert tonight, keen?"
"Yeah, i love Bizarre."
by Diego September 05, 2003
Top Definition
A plastic object with 10 sides. Arbits the fate of vampires, werewolves, RD's, faeries, mummies, and gammers unsure on High School courses next year.
The little things on my desk *waves his desk so all the nice people on the website can see.*
by Galen Deepinglen May 22, 2004
Caterpillar's first bulldozer to use the revolutionary high sproket final drive design.
the d10 is the meanest machine on the block
by ed$$ December 11, 2004
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