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Acronym for Designated Cock Blocker. This is the most unattractive female in a group of women at a nightclub or like social gathering. Her primary purpose is to remain unintoxicated and defer all advances from would be suiters.
Also, the male counterpart is the friend who won't go home or go away when you are trying to get your freak on, as it were.
O.k., first and foremost, we have to distract the D.C.B., so we can make our move.
by captain cornbread June 29, 2006
Dumb Cunt Bitch
I fucking hate that girl, she's a DCB.
by Stark Industries March 02, 2011
dcb is usually used in im's text or online gaming/chats.its used when some one goes away or afk brb one sec etc. the acronym is dcb but the word is don't come back
player1:oh gosh forgot to feed my dog brb.
by neykygangstabizness December 31, 2010
Discovery Channel Boobs. Human female breasts that lack the definition and firmness of the ideal boobical model. Wherein the ideal model of a female breast would slightly curve up at the areola and then have a defined circular cuppage as the base.
Guy 1: Dude, man, I had a fling with this girl I really like, but man i can't get over her gorilla DCB's.

Guy 2: Yah man, I can't stand them. They should rename that song "Do your ears hang low" to "Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to the flo"
by Treadwell October 18, 2008
DCB is an acronym which stands for double cock block. This is a situation when two males (of any species) are trying to have pleasurable moments together and then are disrupted by the addition of other individuals. Hence delaying their intimate rendezvous, much like ice water to the crotchal region.
Danyel: (walks into dimly lit room) Jared! Edward! What are you doing!?
Jared: Danyel! Nothing, nothing! (stops foot shaking with Edward)
Danyel: Well, I thought I saw you two.....uhh...
Jared: You totally just DCB'ed us!
Edward: ARF!
by Edwardlover68plus1 July 27, 2010
Acronym for a Dirty Chinese Buffet
Topher wants to eat at the Hunan Wok DCB tonight! We better make sure to bring some pepto and tums with us!
by hiOK January 21, 2012
This is a dark chocolate bitch. A girl that's really black but is a bitch and won't shut the fuck up.
That black girl last night was a real dcb and wouldn't shut the fuck up!
by Dcb hater June 25, 2009
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