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Delayed lol - When you've missed the designated time slot for laughing, but you still want to laugh.
Will No1: Who's buying next round of drinks??
Aaron: Will will, Will.
Will No2: lol
Jade: lol
Will No1: d-lol
by `Jin February 23, 2009
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Discreetly Laughing Out Loud
When you snigger under your breath or DLOL in an open plan office, but inside you're
by netballqueen29 January 17, 2011
don't laugh out loud, usually followed with "at you"

Meant as a sarcastic remark for those who go on message boards and try to bring up off topic, serious subjects

oh no, don't laugh at this guy, he's serious (usually while laughing out loud)

On a sports message board:
guy1: 9/11 was a conspiracy!
guy2: DLOL at you...

by Capt. Bosh December 17, 2007
Don't Laugh Out Loud, say it to people who seem to continually use the lol
otherdude67:no, dlol
by shane January 30, 2005
DLOL - Drunk Laughing out loud.
I was so dlol!!!
by rockon007 March 21, 2010
Dying Laughing out Loud
That show was HILARIOUS. I DLOL!
by bc329 February 18, 2015

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