The day The Allies invaded France, and told Hitler that his days were numbered. Omaha Beach is the target for many movies and video games etc. because the casualty rate was higher than the other 5 beaches combined.

Omaha Beach: 2400 dead/wounded
Gold, Juno, Sword, Utah, and Pointe du Hoc: 1675 dead/wounded

The landings of D-Day took months of careful planning. The invasion began with the Paratroopers of Americas 101st, and 82nd, along with the British glider soldiers, they secured many towns and villages before daybreak, and also caused alot of chaos for the German ranks before the initial landings. Free French (La' Resistance) sabotaged railway systems used by Germans for supply lines, and sheltered American and British soldiers who were lost, or hiding from German soldiers.

Landing Assignments:

American: Omaha, Utah, and Pointe Du Hoc
British: Sword,and Gold
Canada: Juno

Axis: Erwin Rommel (Germany)
Allies: General Dwight D. Eisenhower (U.S.), Bernard Montgomery (British, Canadians)

End Result:

Allies: 4075 Dead/Wounded/Missing
Axis: Unknown (most likely in the high thousands)

Area taken: All 6 beaches plus surounding towns and villages. I.E. Vierville Sur Mer

Date set for invasion: Originally set for June 5th, but because of the random weather of the English channel the landing force could not land until weather was clearer. Date was then set to June 6th, 1944.

Misc. Fact: Within a span of a few weeks (from August 25 to September 17 1944) The Allies liberated Paris, liberated 7 villages, the Allies crossed the Siegfried Line into Germany, and Operation Market Garden began (largest airborne invasion in history)in Holland (the third installment in the Brothers In Arms saga will be based on the Airborne drops into Holland, beginning with the jump, to the bitter defeat of the Allied Paratroopers.). This failed operation lights the fuse that will later explode into the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes.

D-Day is a topic often misunderstood because of Hollywoods traditional way of showing the grand Allies fighting the savage Nazis, but we should all remember that not all Germans were Nazis(Rommel for example rejected Nazism, and plotted to assassinate Hitler).

If you want to get a clearer view on D-Day I suggest watching Saving Private Ryan, or picking up a book, or documentary.

by Landon Melcher November 07, 2006
The day when the Allies finally did something to help the Russians defeat the Nazi Germany in the WWII by landing a descent operation in Normandy, France. It wasn't that necessary at the moment, and the main reason for this operation was for America to have some piff-puff and to get itself a piece of european cake after the war was over.
Yo, man! This is not good! All the fame will be left for those unwashed Russkies! America wants some D-day, too! (Harry S. Truman)
by Fulbert June 11, 2007
Expression used in online discussion forums relating to mental illness. Originally referred to the time that depression set in, later used conversely by survivors to indicate when their recovery was complete. This confusion has seen it fall out of favor in many circles.

Derived from "d-day", the storming of Normandy on June 6, 1943, and the fact that the word "depression" is often abbreviated to "D" in such forums, as people suffering from "D" have little energy and typing the whole word could be tiring.
I recall my own personal D-Day well; once I took the little green pills, I felt better.
by Googles September 12, 2004
It actually means Day day in army talk, like h-hour. No joke.
D-day was the day the canadians,americans,and british defeated the Nazis in WWII
by anklesarelikelittlehats June 02, 2006
Someone who you do not want to mess with, or fight, but at the same time is a 'ladies man'. Compared closely to Shaft or James Bond.
"Man, that guy is this shit! He get the girls, and he's tough as hell! He's a damn DDay!
by God December 28, 2004
an operation which wasent nessesary, if the allies hadent invaded there the germans still would have been defeated, d-day was not to save france from the germans, but to save france from the russians. bye june 1944, the germans had already lost at kursk nearly year before d-day, which was the turning point in the war i nthe east, by late 1945 if the allies hadent invaded, france would have msot likly been part of the soviet union.
the allies were thinking about more than the germans...
by eastern person January 20, 2005
canada didn't do shit for d-day
jordan doesn't know shit about d-day
by john kerry is a good dad January 10, 2005
Hooters who attacked the Germans to liberate the French!
You having a d day guys
by Ankido September 11, 2006

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