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DL "Down Low" hidden, concealed secretive. However, recently "DL" is used to refer to covert male homosexual activity. specfically in the Black community.An "urban comtemporary" version of "In the closet"
I feel bad for Jane/Tamika she's about to have Dick's/Jamal's baby. She doesn't know he's :In the closet/On the D low.
by ra ra January 03, 2008
1) Short for "down low."
2) Secretive or scandalous.
Yeh, he in love...But do he know she doin his brother, too? (kee kee keek!)
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
keepin sumthin quiet/ not telling anyone
girl:'i did tings wiv shawn, bt he dnt wnt no1 noin so keep it on the d-low yeh?'
boy: 'seen yeh thts kl'
by beetoy January 01, 2006
The street name of Derek Lowe, the #2 Boston Red Sox pitcher
Since Pedro pitched last night, we be's bustin out D-LOW on the Yanks tonight.
by spoonie G November 18, 2003
an abbreviation of "down low", meaning to keep secret.
"ayy, keep tings on da d-low and ting. tell manz u get murkizzled"
by Snypa starrr August 07, 2005
an expression used to keep things secretive. d-low is short for down low.
yo keep that money on the d low, we dont need everybody knowing how much we have.
by low2behold March 15, 2006
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