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the dance floor, where people dance at parties
yo did you see that guys moves on the d floor last night?
by frexxx September 19, 2008
10 0
dancefloor where one goes to pick-up sluts....
Let's hit it up on the d-floor
by Piercy January 18, 2004
9 7
maddest area of the club, where u break it up and bring it down, back it on up and grind it hard... mm.
dancin on that dfloor was fucking mad... see that hot motherfucker back it up on it and grind it home babe
by _takeitall_ November 05, 2006
4 8
stalker word for dance floor. common place for consentual rape. Note: dfloor is often the safety word for said C-Rape. For C-Rape meaning see C-Rape.
lets shred up the dfloor homes
by 2 bit whore August 27, 2008
2 8