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An exclamation combining the acronym "OMG" and the Homer Simpson phrase "D'oh". Usually used after making a bonehead mistake.
I just lost my ring in the sink! D'omg!
by ShiftyCapone September 15, 2008
The same meaning for Omg
But with a "d" in the begginning

Adds emphasis to the acronym Omg
Kris: Hey did you hear that Darren got fatter?
Alfred: Really? domg I knew it!
by Unco Sam's Eggroll February 17, 2008
domg meaning: dude oh my god. Basically a "rad" way to say omg without sounding like a noobzor or a "liek oh em gee" person.

domg, did you just see that chick, she was hot

domg i just jumped off that roof, it was crazy.

by somedude242 August 19, 2008
Variation of ZOMG but it makes more sense to make the "D" sound instead of the Z sound.
Exclamation used in chatting online. In real life "irl" you say "D'Oh my God!" really fast.

Trademarked by Zeea Darling
Person 1- "I have KFC!"

Person 2-"D'OMG! I want some! O.O"
by Zeea Darling August 25, 2009
Basically the same as omg but with dude at the biginning
Dude1: Dude, I just nailed vicky
Dude2: domg!
by remT October 05, 2008
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