When Rosado does something appaling or I can't believe
Rosado tried to correct my grammar when he was wrong... d'oh!!!
by pez February 21, 2005
replacment for a curse
homer simson always says do'h when hes mad
by poop December 14, 2003
expressing frustration at the realization that things have gone badly or not as planned
you buy a chick a drink and she doesn't put out
by puddin tame June 05, 2005
Annoyed grunt.

Can be used anywhere!
Yay for injokes.
<Homer> (annoyed grunt)
by Some guy March 26, 2004

Used in chatrooms and instant messaging in place of lol, lmao, and rofl.
person 1: OMG today was helarious, John got pantsed in class.
person 2: doh! i heard about that.

person a: I got lost in a book store.
person b: doh wtf?
by gdscene October 20, 2007
Credit has been given to Homer Simpson for this word but I first heard it used back in Clifton High School in New Jersey back in 1968 by Ed S. and by a bunch of his school buddies with the added striking of the side of the head with the palm of the hand for emphasis. The meaning which has already been described by other posters is EXACTLY as it was back then. Sorry Homer...
doh: No examples needed, first examples are accurate, Ed S. gets the credit.
by Bill T. September 21, 2006
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