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One large, single nippled titty that protrudes from the middle of a woman's breastplate. Females with this condition must get special bras tailored for they're mammoth mammary or opt to not wear one at all.
Dan: So I took this girl out right.

Laur: Nice.

Dan: Yeah, anyways, I took this girl out. We went to the bar had drinks the whole shebang. Get her back to my place right we start making out.

Laur: Mhmm

Dan: I pinch the bra off start playing with what I thought was her right tit, and it was nice, it was nice, ya know real smooth and firm, I'm saying nice.

Laur: Go on...

Dan: I go to give lefty some action too and I can't find the fucker! I pull her shirt down and the bitch had one big ol' cyclops titty.

Laur: Damn man. What'd you do throw her out?

Dan: Nah I fucked her.
by B_Nuk$ January 02, 2010
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