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(1) a cyberghost is when the information of someone known to be dead still exists on the internet.
(2) a person who never really existed, but was made by someone else, and exists only on the internet.
(3) verb. to cyberghost: to create someone, or a profile of someone on the internet who is dead or never existed.
He died three years ago, but i found his cyberghost.
When looking for so and so, i found a cyberghost instead.
His cyberghost still haunts my email.
I'm friends with his cyberghost on (facebook, myspace, twitter, ect.)
by XxAnonymousXxXx May 16, 2010
The act of having no contact through technology. Disappearing from social networks, text, emails, etc.. for a period of time
I've texted him several times this weekend but no reply, think he went cyberghost.
by A.F.C.3 May 25, 2011