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A meme made popular by 4channers and BB'ers on July 15th from a YouTube video of a crying 12 year old girl. Apparently, her videos were being raided with comments such as "you dun goofed up" and "what a fuckin whore". Her first response to all of the comments was by posting a video threatening all of her "haters" saying that she will pop a glock and countless other ravaging insults. She responded with yet another video, this time, she was bawling in tears and her crack head father was in the background wearing sandals and socks yelling and threatening her haters that if they do not stop insulting her daughter he will report them to the cyber police. Thus, a meme was born. Multiple memes have been formed due to this video.
You dun goofed man... consequences will NEVER be the same. Brb reporting you to cyber police.
by mrJoee July 15, 2010
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Cyber Police is something made up by a Dad because they didnt teach there daughter how to use the internet. Whis is actually called the prosecutor's office.
1.A bunch of trolls are going to get there ass beat by the Cyber Police with there Cyber batons and Cyber tazers.

2.Troll:"Run! its the Cyber Police!"
Troll 2:"My computer is too slow!"
Troll 2:"Ah! They hit me with ther Cyber tazers!"
by Mr Goli July 17, 2010
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