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1. noun; like a diss
2. verb; to diss by email
-ring ring, you got mail, you just got cyber slapped!!! ooh diss in the kitchen..
by yo mama and yo sista May 31, 2005
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a signal used on AIM or other internet messaging services to initiate in a virtual "high five," usually used as a congratulatory statement.
Rick: lol we pwnt that shit
Carlos: Yea dude CYBER SLAP
by Pagliasaurus Rex July 13, 2007
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Generally used when someone is deserving of a slap, but when you are talking on social network sites, texting etc.
Person 1: Blah.....Blah.....Blah.......
Person 2: *OMG Shut up!* CYBERSLAP
Person 1: Sorry, was I blahhing again?
Person 2: Yes
Person 1:........
by gmanleedsfan72 January 31, 2011
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When you are talking to someone on the phone or text and they come back at you with an attitude but there isn't anything you can do to them except threaten to cyber slap them.
Yo, can you grab me a drink while you're at the store?
What the fuck man? Why can't you get a drink yourself??

Dude, it's only like a dollar... You bout to make me fuck around and cyber slap your bitch ass
by Ishuang April 24, 2016
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