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cvnt n.
1.1337 for cunt. Very few people actually know of this slang. Fewer people use it so it is for those who are truly 1337.

This term is only used when typing vulgarities to other players in a game due to the fact that you can't really say cvnt.
*PaganBlender is no cvnt
*ElCorro is a huge cvnt
j00 r a cvnt and j00 just got pwnt.
by JonestownTea May 17, 2005
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In another place from the one you see it, this would be written "cunt".
Sadly, one of two things is currently happening:
1: The administration of the website rigidly enforces censorship by blocking entire posts, or replacing all the letters of certain words with asterisks (*). Fortunately the cvnts have not got to the concept of censoring the other ways of writing that kind of $hit.

2: The writer of the word is far too sensitive and twee to write the word "cunt".

There are other examples (such as fvck, $hit, and tw@) of legitimate alternatives to words that are commonly used to emphasize something, etc.
I am so fed up of the ******* censoring that the **** at Yahoo makes on the forums.

$hit, the cvnt has done it again.
by nocvnt February 13, 2011
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Cvnt; when you do not want to say Cunt, because it's "offensive" but you still want to say a word that is similar and non-offensive.
Person 1: You're such a cvnt, not cunt because that's offensive
Person 2: Haha, Thanks bud.
by cvntlover1233 September 22, 2015
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