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A slanged conjunction of the words "because" and "of"
Dude, I got thrown in jail cuzza that.
by webphenom July 21, 2005
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A curry. Usually of the thick, sauce-based variety and not a dry curry
What's for dinner? I'm having a cuzza

Let's go out for a cuzza

Are you having a cuzza again?
by Goat1983 September 28, 2007
Curry Muzza.. the same thing as a Muzza but is of Indian/Sri Lankan decent.
Omg uleh im a fully sik cuzza, i have fully sik subwoofers like cecille's boob drums!
by Lanceyyy April 28, 2007
a shortened conjunction of "because" and "of"
Rachel was up to some shady business at 6 am
but had to call it off cuzza the rain.
by Rachel and Raz . September 13, 2008
Ape like male not capable of acting like a normal human being.
Cuzza is a retard and a dickhead
by Wonderwoman February 08, 2005

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