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When someone attempts to pick up your woman.
"Am I cutting your grass here mate?
"Nah, all's good, we jus' friends."
by Diego September 16, 2003
Getting/flirting with someone who your friend has already gotten with or 'shotgunned'.
Girl 1 admires boy 1
Girl 2 gets with boy 1 (cutting someones grass)

Girl 1 to girl 2: How dare you cut my grass!
#lawn mower #hook up #flirt #kiss #shotgun
by whatababeiam August 15, 2010
When someone comes to a group of people and asks to buy drugs and someone says they have that drug before you and you sell your drugs before they do.
- Does anyone have any pot?
- I do, I'll be right back I have to go get it. (leaves)
- Yo i got some pot buy it off me.
- OK
- Man, you're cutting someone's grass.
by Shawn Maglicic September 20, 2005
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