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An object comprised of two sheets of fabric stuffed with something soft and fluffy, to various degrees of comfort. Can be found on couches, beds, sofas, chairs, loungers, and even thrown on the floor.
Not having anything more dangerous at hand, I decided to throw a cushion at him.
by michael November 11, 2003
21 11
A girl of any background or ethnicity that is not too skinny or not too fat more so falling along the average scale.
Snooki is a cushion who can deal with alot of pushin.
by Dro And The D December 06, 2011
5 7
A cushion is drug that makes the comedown of another drug easier to deal with. A cushion can also be taking a small amount of the same drug when coming down.
I'm using my last pill as a cushion.
by Epigone July 18, 2005
12 14