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ethnic slur used for stereotypical Indian - greasy, hairy, sweating curry through their pores
I can smell that damn curryslurper from down the hall.
by Kurim May 05, 2007
Noun, racial slur; A term used to degrade a person of Indian descent.
Quit charming those snakes and answer the phone, you curry slurper.
by itstockra November 21, 2015
A native, or racial descendant, of the Indian subcontinent. Syn.: raghead. It can refer to any subcategory, including engineering students, crack motel owners, 7-11 cashiers, or holier-than-thou nose-ringed, sari-wearing pretentious immigrant bitches. Also, one who enjoys shit-eating diarrhea sex. see, also, gupta, patel.
"Who's the new fuck-wad in a pink polo shirt and loafers playing with his iPhone on the lawn near the Bio-Sci building?"
"Just some fkn curry slurper."
by Mahatma Gupta Patel, III July 12, 2008
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