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1) When a man sticks his penis into an unknown environment and would prefer not know what it was that he stuck his penis into. 2) When a man sticks his penis into the sand because there is little else that can provide same level of friction that one gets with sand. 3) On a night so debaucherous that one would swing their penis in the air and bury it anywhere like they just don't care, but the next morning they are kinda curious as to where their penis has been the night before.
Dude what happened at the petting zoo?!?! I don't want to know, though I have a feeling it was a curious ostrich kind of night!

Beach week was epic while I did not hook up with anyone I did pull a curious ostrich!

Holy fucking shit with everything that happened last night I am one curious ostrich; as my dick has bumps all over it and it burns when I pee!
by Taco Corp November 14, 2013

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