1- when you are at a party and the only bathroom is near the keg and a girl comes out smelling of freshly laid ammonia because she can't wipe right..
2- the resulting poo that a girl or deuschebag faggot takes after taking it up the poopschute and is riddled with man juice..
3- the image of a girls twat after a fierce banging involving many acts of niggerdom that cause aforementioned twat to heat up from rigorous friction and left over donkey skeet
1- Dude, hurry up with the brew that curdle burger is kickin
2- My poonjug forgot to flush her curdleburger after I reamed her poon lagoon last night....it was in the shape of a brontasaurus, gross!
by White Mike/Toby Kinte February 09, 2005

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