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A crack addict, dope fiend, basehead, or any hope-to-die drug addict (including the alcoholic) that can be found either standing, sitting, or laying curbside on any city street. They usually reside on a curb in an attempt to solicit any activity from anyone that could result in furthering their drug habit, but at times can be found laying down curbside passed out from sheer exhaustion as a result of a multi-day drug binge.

A curb creature, by definition, has said "fuck it" to any attempt at a normal existence within society and has descended into a lifestyle of diminishing hygiene, drastic weight-loss, petty-theft, panhandling, and prostitution in a never-ending search to get the next high. This lifestyle also includes the continuous performance of a variety of self-degrading acts, homelessness, and trickeration. The curb creature can also be characterized by his or her willingness to go to great lengths and take great risks, bodily or otherwise, to obtain more drugs and fulfill the next high.

The curb creature usually makes his or her home in abandoned buildings, alleys and city parks when away from the curb, and fears nothing except running out of drugs. He or she is usually more than willing to perform any act, sexual or otherwise, no matter how much it debases, humilates, and strips him or herself of all self-respect as long as that act results in more drugs.
Taquanisha used to be one fine bitch, but then she started hittin' the pipe, turned into a crackhead, and now she's a straight-up curb creature.
by Big Billy Red LA Westside October 08, 2011
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