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the curve of the upper lip - where it curves and then there is a slight dip.
it is in the shape of a bow, and lips are the 'love'(cupid) of your face.
hence the name "cupids bow"

some cupids bows dip loads more... and almost go down to the bottom of the top lip (where the lips meet).

there are also lips that do not have a cupids bow, so they would just be rounded at the top with no dip so it would be like a mirror image of the bottom lip.
person a: you have really nice lips
person b: thanks, yours are nice too
person a: well not really, i dont have a cupids bow
person b: so...
#lips #cupid #arrow #bow and arrow #shooting #cupidsbow #cupid bow #cupids arrow
by bhlbhl November 10, 2007
A term used to describe the double curve of a human upper lip. It is said that it resembles the bow of Cupid, the Roman God of love.
He lightly kissed my cupid's bow and it gave me shivers.
#lip #cupid #kiss #philtrum #face
by MagicKoi December 20, 2010
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