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Where you are required to bring cupcakes (or another snack) to an event, but you get lazy or/and run out of time, don't make the snack, and just buy some instead.
Stepford Mom: "What did YOU bring to the bake sale, Claire?"
Awesome Mom: "Oh, I can't bake, so I just brought cupfakes!"
Stepford Mom "*scoff*"
by Thenamesbanana June 15, 2011
breast implants, cup size enhancers
Damn, she got some really big cup fakes.
by The Seeing Eye Dog April 15, 2011
cupfake is a person who pretends to be somebody or something he or she is not (copycats); like cupcakes without buttercream - they might look the same at first glance but if you risk a closer look you get, they are just fake.
'Gosh girl, you should not go for another date with this guy, he is such a cupfake!'
by lounoir March 19, 2010