def. a.When a guy admits he is gay, but continuously hits on his "fag hags", in the remote chance they will give it up. Can apply in same manner to lesbians. This usually happens after said homosexual hasn't been in a relationship, and hasn't recently had sexual encounters. b. also explains a beings sexual dyslexia.
fag hag a: "Shorty sure has been making comments and being touchy feely lately!"
fag hag b: "Oh no, Sugar daddy must be on "vacation" again! Don't worry he's just cuntfused now!"
fag hag a: " I know right, I sure hope he get's some dick soon, he is tearing up my nerves!"
Shorty: "I'm not gay, I'm sexually dyslexic right now, and I just love everybody! C'mere baby!"
by Krukedkukie May 03, 2008
Confused because you are a woman.
"That woman with the power tool was very cuntfused."
by thethirdhnc July 29, 2009
guys confused about women in general. having trouble which girl to choose, relationship-wise.
"I don't know which girl I should choose. I'm so cuntfused!"
by daisy21 November 12, 2007
Whenever a man simply doesn't know how to react to a woman because of her completely irrational behaviour, he is cuntfused.
"She screamed about how because I was five minutes later than usual, I'm cheating on her. I am so cuntfused right now.
by Bigblueburd May 22, 2016
When you are angry and confused at the same time. People tend to say 'cunt' when angry and im confused when confused. CUNTFUSED WAS BORN
Oh damn! I'm so cuntfused! 0_o
by TANKRodeo211 July 21, 2011
Being unsure of oneself. Confused to the extreme.
I was so cuntfused when she called me an assbasket.
by Leah October 19, 2003
You are cuntfused. Because you are calling the wrong person a cunt.

You, yourself just may be the Cunt.
by pseudonym spite April 19, 2013
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