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An effective jab towards a man when he is behaving in an obviously less than masculine manner. This term is far more insulting than "douchebag".
*Disclaimer: Someone really needs to earn this title. No willy-nilly usage, please.
Teddy: "Did you see that shirtless, Italian guy cruising in his convertible Mitsubishi Spyder while blasting Rihanna? What a cunt swab, right?"

Iris: "Absolutely. Textbook definition."
by PistolG September 13, 2014
One who consistanly, and effortlessly, ruins the fun in a social setting; typically by acting hysterical and moody.
Why do you invite that cunt swab Fuckball Fred over on poker night, he just cries like a little bitch when we beat the shit out of him and pour molten iron in his ass. Fuck that guy.
by Eapert McDangles June 10, 2006
1. The male member, an instrument used to thoroughly "clean out" a woman's vagina.
2. A particularly pathetic individual.
1. I didn't know whether I could marry him, til I saw his mean cunt swab, that is.
2. Man, that fucking cunt swab ate the last oreo!
by shwafioso March 22, 2006
Tampon. Surrounded by the Vagina.
Person 1: Wow, John is such a cunt swab.
Person 2: Yeah, John is such a tampon.
by BigPPSchlongMaster June 12, 2015
derogitory comment about someone
Jesus Mark, yer a dirty cuntswab!
Yo momma!
by nacqhoqtpie September 06, 2004
1) A term referring to a self-importantjackass.

2) By extension, a person so socially retarded that they've literally collapsed the scope of social skill to the point that they excel at being able to suck the life out of any social situation, but because they are known for being pathetic and bitch over reality, most people pretend to enjoy their company simply to keep them from giving empty suicide speeches in the middle of their parties.
Buddy: Who is the fuckhead screwing with my stereo?!?

Guy: Huh? Oh, that's Jane's cousin. Just moved here from like, Alaska and she wanted him to make some new friends.

Buddy: Well if he doesn't stop dicking around with my stuff I'm kicking his ass out.

Guy: Just leave him alone. He spills beer tears like a baby when people bug him.

Buddy: -sigh- Fucking cunt swab.
by Fretboards of Fire June 25, 2010

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