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A joke that is even funnier then a knee slapper. Usually a sexual joke. It is so funny that in order to handle it you must slap your own cunt!
That joke was a real cunt slapper, I laughed my pussy off
by Jason Jizzy October 01, 2005
A female who masturbates. ie. (slapping her cunt). Could be considered the female counterpart to a wanker. Its even more humorous to call your friend a "cuntslapper" than a "wanker" because it also implies that he's a female, and has a cunt that he enjoys slapping.
"hey joe, you cuntslapper! get in the car before we leave you behind!"

Person 1: "we had the week off of school, and the coaches still made us come to practice the whole week"

Person 2: "aww....fuckin cuntslappers"
by sonny_bfd December 05, 2009
One of the homosexual orientation, esp. female who enjoys masturbating her partner.
that chick is a cuntslapper
by Herman_The_Sick June 10, 2003
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