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1. simple, easy: a penis (cock, dick, man tool, schlong, vagina tickler, etc.)
2. an insult, similar in severity and level of kick-ass to "twat"
1. dude i stuck that bitch with my cunt rod
2. that girl over there? shes a total cunt rod
by cconant13 August 06, 2006
also shortened to c-rod in polite company. you can be a cuntrod or a cunt rod. Means being a dick or a bitch. Insulting to whomever is the c-rod. can also mean penis as in a rod you put in a cunt. This happens to be the name of our gang as well.
Use your turn signal cuntrod!

C-rod for life.
by Knifing Neetz April 16, 2005
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