A XXL vaginal hole
Emma Leach aka. Cuntbucket
by Naomi Golesworthy January 04, 2009
It is the term used when a person is being so much of a cunt, that he or she may as well be 8 or 9 cunts.
Dude, Jamie was such a cunt-bucket today, he asked me and my friends so many questions about our personal life.
by Donot trustme August 14, 2015
Group of nasty smelling, sloopy locking vaginas. Which no guy wants to stick his dick in.
Your ugly fatass ass mom and her fat freinds are a group of cunt buckets
by REM19931116 October 23, 2010
An utter bucket of cunt.
Wow, you're a cuntbucket.
by Urban-Jew May 08, 2011
a bucket full of chopped up cunts. namely over 5 or 6 cunts.
check out this cunt bucket. There are probably like 5 or 6 of them in there!
by yourallfuckinghomos December 24, 2009
vulgarly or seductively excessive
Dressed in the trashiest of drag outfits, makeup slathered on, hitting randomly on anyone
by Purple Guy August 09, 2003
charecteristical name from one of the species commonly found in the nastiest bars, dressed "to kill" LITERALLY in her best of 80's motif accompanied with poofy hair hanging on anyone from 5-95 years old often used by drunk belligerant men to retain sperm in a bucket like way in their femalian genitalia hence referred to as cunt bucket.
Dude she's a whore BAD...she's like a cuntbucket, she's had more guys than christina aguilera!
by Trish the Dish March 11, 2004
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