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when a chick has a crispy pussy and the guy peels the dry skin off with his teeth proceeding to crunch on it while fingering her.
"man that bitch had a crispy pussy"

"man ur a dry mouthed, chipped toothed cunt cruncher!"
by --=Ro()0=-- July 13, 2008
A sex position in which the woman squeezes her vagina so vigorously that the man's penis ends up beaten and bloody. This move is very rare and hard to pull off; however when pulled off correctly, a level of pleasure is achieved that can only be compares to sticking ones penis in hot bacon grease. In short, the woman's pussy muscles essentially crunch the dick during sex until it looks like a lumpy carrot.
Woman: babe let me do the cuntcruncher tonight I love it
Man: not tonight last time we did it my dick was left shriveled and bloody. It was pleasurable though
by basedgod_95 June 27, 2013