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1)Somebody who advocates licking the pussy.
2)A glib talker who gets into women's pants.
3)Foreplay talk.
4)My old softball team in Cypress, CA, the Cunning Linguists.
Robert was a cunning linguist with a big bat.
by s6 June 29, 2005
Someone who loves to perform cunnilingus.
"I understand the language of love, I'm a cunning linguist".
by Hugh Ekeberg August 16, 2005
A person that is both clever and a good orator.
Neil is looked up to as a cunninglinguist. He is smart and very persuasive.
by sillybillyboy March 16, 2014
A guy or a gal who can literally talk the shorts off of any girl they want!
Joe must be a cunninglinguist. It never takes him long to talk a chic into bed!
by anonymous November 13, 2004
A person who can speak four languages or more while performing oral sex on a human female.
Judy said to linda over breakfast: "Last night, I went to bed with this professor of Romance languages at Tulane. I experienced the best oral sex I have ever had. He was a truly cunninglinguist."
by Cheraw September 01, 2005