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A bear completely covered in a thick layer of semen.
That cummy bear is eating our tent!
by 8={'''}=D|Shawmain October 18, 2004
Gummybears that were cummed on.
Guy 1: Dude, I just came!

Girl 1: Noooo! Not on my bears! Gross.

Guy 1: Biiitch, their cummybears now. Eat em!!
by PinkRhage July 09, 2010
When a man cums into his partner's mouth (male or female) and said partner has to chew the load for several seconds (due to high seminal viscosity) before swallowing.
Jack gave Janet the cummy bear last night. It almost ripped out her fillings.
by Doc14253 October 18, 2009
A pet name for a man with a large load and cums in large amounts; a sharp shooter; sometimes a "sprayer"
Damn, Sweet Dick!! You're such a cummy bear you got it everywhere!!
by Cummy Bear2 January 07, 2014
Word for a gummy, chewy bear-shaped candy made entirely of cum, or semen.
Little Jimmy loves the way those cummy bears burst in his mouth!
by 8={'''}=D|Shawmain October 18, 2004
when a guy cums on you in small drops and they resemble gummy bears.
girl: "My boyfriend cummed on me last night and they resembled gummy bears...I decided to call them cummy bears!"
by NoStyleMyStyle September 15, 2011
The act of cumming onto a beany babie bear. Then stuffing said beanie babie into the girls vagina.
Will!! I just gave your mom a cummy bear!!
by Ebonics Lad May 14, 2010

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