tighter than a bumchum without the anal sex
me and you are cumchums now eh?
by mummatugboat August 01, 2007
Top Definition
When a dude ejaculates and it comes out chunky.
Dude I just made myself cum chum last night
by William+G July 18, 2012
A similar meaning to a Fuck Buddy, someone you just have sex with for pleasure but no commitment.
A Cum Chum is a close friend in which you partake sexual pleasure with for fun.
by Alkaja April 23, 2008
(n) When, before going out to the local gay club, a man rubs one out and lets a little bit of the ejaculate dry on an article of clothing. The smell is instantly noticed by the heightened senses of the patrons at the bar and he is now their prey.
Friend 1: "Dude, why am I so popular in here tonight?"
Friend 2: "It's because of the cum chum on your jeans!"
Friend 1: "That's all it takes? Guess I'll use some cum chum in the future!"
by TheReverend March 05, 2014
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