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Essentially, a promiscuous female of massive, shocking, unheard of proportions. Her breath consistently stinks of dick snot, a substance whose stench does not age well. That is one of many reasons why these beasts existence is so perplexing. Who allows them to defile their sacred anatomy? I personally enjoy referring to inferior prudish women as cumburping guttersluts since it undoubtedly causes them great confusion, a gaping mouth and an urge to slap you. These factors usually provide for phenomenal comedy.
Jose Contreras: How does the prostitute look across the street?
Bruce Lee: What the cumburping gutterslut? She looks like she started meth at age 7 and lost her teeth to a gang of horny Hell's Angels.
by benny b from the bronx August 15, 2007
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A term used to describe a woman or man who is thought to engage in multiple acts of fellation to the point of over ingestion of seminal fluid; where any attempts to relieve gastrinomic pressure results in a involuntary influx of said seminal fluid being belched up
Insult-"You cum-burping-gutter-slut"
Description-"Jenny is such a cum-burping-gutter-slut"
by Tarik April 04, 2005
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someone who is so slutty and annoying, you must call them this.
christoPHER is a cum burping gutterslut cause he calls my a cum burping curb slut.
by christybob March 16, 2007
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A trashy nasty ass ho that gets around so much he/shes always burping from the daily sack lunches
Paris: Blerpgh!!!
Lindsey: She just can't keep her legs together or her mouth covered when shes burping after her cream snack in the bathroom stall.
Nicole: Yeah, she is such a cum-burping-gutter-slut that I am glad that isn't contagious.

Ex 2.

Daniel: Blerpgh!!!
Michael: Look honey, don't make me jealous now with all that letting air from some fine ass boy. If you gonna be a cum-burping-gutter-slut, be one with me!
by Andi & Rosie Project May 04, 2006
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