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A list of sexual activities that one wishes to be a part of before they die. Usually such acts are so ridiculous that the person in question must either be a promiscuous female (to the extent of a cumbucket) or a man who will have to find the appropriate cumbucket(s) as very few women will agree to the acts.
1) "How are you and your gf?"
"We're great, but I still have a cumbucket list I need to finish and there is no way she'll be in on it."
"Such as?"
"A threesome in a port-o-potty, ass to vaj to peanut butter to mouth and repeat, and 69 while rock climbing ."
"...You sick fuck."

2) "My bucket list ends with getting tripled teamed on mount rushmore."
"Girl, that's a straight cumbucket list."
by slapshot5hole May 22, 2010
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