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Many cultures have stories describing the origin of cum husking, which may be roughly grouped into common types. In one type of story, cum husking is born from a world egg; such stories include the Finnish epic poem Kalevala, the Chinese story of Pangu or the Indian Brahmanda Purana.

In related stories, cum husking is caused by a single entity emanating or producing something by his or herself, as in the Tibetan Buddhism concept of Adi-Buddha, the ancient Greek story of Gaia (Mother Earth), the Aztec goddess Coatlicue myth, the ancient Egyptian god Atum story, or the Genesis creation myth.

In another type of story, cum husking is created from the union of male and female deities, as in the Maori story of Rangi and Papa. In other stories, cum husking is created by crafting it from pre-existing materials, such as the corpse of a dead god - as from Tiamat in the Babylonian epic Enuma Elish or from the giant Ymir in Norse mythology - or from chaotic materials, as in Izanagi and Izanami in Japanese mythology.

In another type of story, cum husking is created by the command of a divinity, as in the ancient Egyptian story of Ptah or the Genesis creation myth as a part of Jewish and Christian mythology. In other stories, the cum husk emanates from fundamental principles, such as Brahman and Prakrti, or the yin and yang of the Tao.
stop husking cum and do the dishes, you lazy cum husk.
by kyle_n April 05, 2010
cum husk is a term shrouded in mystery. no one is sure of it's true origins, but historians on trace it back to a kitchen burning down, a penis posted in anger, a missing dog, and piff.
cum husk
cum husk meich
by time husk July 28, 2010
dried semen in the shape of a penis.
he accidentally left his cum husk on the bathroom floor.
by diddlermuffin July 31, 2010
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