What comes out of the male penis. Also called semen and sperm.
Samantha swallowed all of Dave's cum as she gave him a blow job.
by Dave the Samantha fucker June 16, 2003
girls can cum
girls can come. its when they get wet. they dont produce semen but they still have a liquid that comes out which is often confused with pee
by klaja October 26, 2003
cum (cûm) n.

1. male ejeculation including a mixture of sperm and supporting semin fluid
2. to trigger a horomonal action causing the release of the above fluid
3. a word used to describe unknown white particles found in random areas ie. dandruff, tartar sauce, cheese
1. There is cum in your pussy after you have normal sex.
2. He cums in your pussy during normal sex.
3. You've had too much fun. You have loads of cum in your hair.
by Nurd February 16, 2004
1-An slang term for come
1-Cum on feel the noize
2-Im about to cum in your mouth
by james23485 March 13, 2004
the nice white, thick, candy like substance that projects from the penis during ejaculation
i love to swallow all of the cum
oh shit im cumming
by Maxwell K. Davison March 25, 2003
can be used meaning your having an orgasm or the ooze/juice that comes out of both sexes during before orgasm
1-oooooooo fuck yeah im gonna CUM!!

2-ewwwwww theres cum everywhere!!
by mxc luver December 16, 2004
1. A shortened version of come, used in internet chatrooms and instant messaging by sluts who want attention from men and dumb nerds who don’t realize what it means.

2. Fluid excreted by sex organs at point of orgasm.
Slut: why dont you cum over here and fuck me...

Dumb Nerd: cum over and play this new game i found!
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